Maple Flakes


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Incorporating the rich flavor of maple syrup into a delightfully crunchy texture. Our 100% pure maple sugar flakes inspire a plethora of new uses for maple. These crunchy little morsels simultaneously add sweetness and texture when used to garnish salads, cheeses, poultry, sweet potatoes, or desserts. Like maple sugar, maple flakes also work as a low-calorie sweetener in your favorite recipes. The versatility is endless. Maple flakes provide a modern, no-mess way to enjoying that traditional maple taste. Use them in smoothies and yogurt. Delicious on Butternut squash and pumpkin. Add them to steamed carrots with ginger. Sprinkle them on oatmeal, whipped cream and ice cream. Add them to hot cocoa. Bake sliced apples with a touch of butter then sprinkle the flakes on top while still hot. Yummy!!                                                                                                    4 oz.


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