Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids


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By Nicola Graimes

About Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids

To be a healthy vegetarian, it’s not enough to just give up meat. Vegetarian children have different dietary requirements to vegetarian adults, so particular attention is needed to ensure they get sufficient amounts of the right nutrients. Unlike other similar titles on the market, Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids concentrates on these nutritional demands to see what it takes to raise healthy, well-nourished vegetarian children. What?s more, the book tackles the universal challenge of getting children – vegetarian or not – to enjoy and eat up their veg.

Packed with simple, fresh recipes that are nutritious and use vegetables in interesting and inspiring ways, the book is set to lure even the most reticent of eaters. There are ideas for every type of meal including energy-boosting breakfasts; easy snacks; inspiring vegetable side dishes; and the bane of many parents’ lives, packed lunches. Each recipe highlights a super-healthy ‘Hero Food’, giving information on its health benefits, and also included are step-by-step ‘Kids Cook’ features, with ideas for delicious dishes children can cook themselves, with just a little help from a parent.

Full of colorful photography and quick ideas, Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids will make dinner times that much healthier and a lot more exciting.

Paperback 176 pages


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