The Spice Lab Taste of America Spices and Seasonings Set


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INCLUDES FOUR FULL-SIZED SEASONING SHAKER JARS: Chicago Chop Seasoning, Key West Seafood Seasoning, Fiery Southern Charm & Everything and More Seasoning. Make your new favorite dishes with delicious all-American seasoning blends that have so much value packed into one gift collection.  Chicago Chop Seasoning has a bold, savory flavor and Key West Seafood Seasoning is bright, zesty. Fiery Southern Charm is smoky and spicy, while Everything and More Seasoning has a well-rounded, umami taste. Each spice in this kit brings a rich, classic taste iconic to dishes around the USA.
This tasty spice kit is made here in America and masterfully crafted by a professional chef. Made with premium quality ingredients, these versatile seasonings are all-natural, kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO.


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