Honey and Royal Jelly Shampoo


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Awaken your senses with Savannah Bee Shampoo and Conditioner. Drenching your hair with honey, propolis, and royal jelly leaves your scalp cleansed and your hair thick, shiny, and softly luxurious.

ROYAL JELLY nourishes your hair and scalp with rich B-vitamins & antioxidants. It turns a worker bee into a Queen and leaves you with a luxurious crown!

HONEY is a gentle but highly effective cleanser, moisturizer, and an intense softening agent. Honey smooths out hair follicles and leaves your locks soft and so shiny!

Infused with essential oil combinations of LEMONGRASS for mental clarity, and SPEARMINT for re-invigoration.

PROPOLIS is made from tree sap, beeswax, and honey bee magic (enzymes). It protects the beehive and your scalp, too. This key ingredient promotes a vital scalp and incredibly clean hair.

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