Dill Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Dill Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wonderfully fragrant, bright, and delightful, this infused extra virgin olive oil tastes just like the fresh herb. It’s deep, almost anise-like flavor is pleasantly savory. Drizzle over vegetables before grilling, or use to sauté greens or vegetables. Brush over grilled crostini and top with smoked salmon and crème fraiche or sour cream then sprinkle with chopped chives and dill. Drizzle over fluffy omelets or scrambled eggs. Use to poach salmon. For a healthy side, drizzle it over baked sweet potatoes. Pairs well with Green Apple White Balsamic, Lemon White Balsamic, 25 Star White Balsamic and 25 Star from Modena Balsamic.


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