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The Cassini family farm grows exclusively Taggiasca olives, and the Extremum line of extra virgin olive oil is the best of the best, made from a single grove of 400 trees that produce around 1500 bottles of oil each year. Typically a light and delicate oil, the Taggiasca Extremum elevates the expression of the olive to create an intense, fruity oil that finds harmony with its bitter and pungent counterparts. The aroma has notes of artichoke, chicory, mint and rosemary. On the palate it suggests nuanced flavors of bitter almond, musky pine, cinnamon and black pepper. Use this complex and elegant oil to enhance both raw and cooked vegetables, seafood and fish dishes, soups, risotto, soft cheeses, and roasted white meats.

Pairs Best With

Leafy Green Salads, Garden Salads, Raw Vegetables, Boiled/Steamed Veg, Broiled Fish, Grilled Fish, White Meat, Soft Cheese, Pasta, Soups & Stews, Sauces, Legumes/Pulses

Recent International Awards

2019 L’Orciolo d’Oro – Medium Fruity Italian – Great Mention

2018 Der Feinschmecker – Light Fruity – 2nd Place
2018 Gambero Rosso Oli d’Italia – Best Medium Fruity
2018 Sol D’Oro – Monovarietal – Gold Medal
2017 Sol D’Oro – Medium Fruit – Special Mention


BEST IF USED BY:1/31/2022

TYPE:Extra Virgin

SIZE:500ml (16.9 oz) x 6
REGION:Liguria, Italy

HARVEST:Fall 2019

PRODUCER:Paolo Cassini

POLYPHENOLS (mg/kg):449

ACIDITY (%):0.14



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