Oak Smoked Cracked Peppercorns


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Oak Smoked Cracked Peppercorns are coarsely cracked, pungent, aromatic peppercorns. They have been slow smoked with aged Kentucky oak bourbon barrels. The smoke adds a delicious touch to all foods. Use these to finish a dish as these peppercorns have a nice bite with a crunchy texture.

These peppercorns are particularly delicious with:
•Eggs of all types.
•Steaks and chops.
•Soup, stew, braises.
•Cheeses, especially mozarella, feta, or cream cheese.
•Flavor macaroni and cheese.
•Try on fresh fruit like pineapple, oranges, or grapefruit.
•Use just a dusting on chocolate (especially chocolate truffles), caramel, or lemon desserts.


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