Pink Peppercorns


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Pink Peppercorns
Pink Peppercorns are dried berrires of the shrub, Schinus terebinthifolius, native to South America. They are not true peppercorns, but are called such simply because they resemble a peppercorn and have a peppery aspect to their flavor. When dried, they have a fruity-tart, yet sweet, aromatic, peppery flavor that is unique.

Pink peppercorns have thin, fragile papery skins and are quite soft. They can be easily crushed between fingers. They work in a grinder when mixed with other peppercorns, but not by themselves as they tend to clog up the grinder. By themselves, they are best crushed in a mortar and pestle, ground in a spice/coffee mill, or crushed by hand. These pink jewels are often used in rainbow peppercorn blends for color and a touch of sweetness.

The French are quite enamored with pink peppercorns, using them on seafood, veal, caramels with fleur de sel, and foie gras, among many other dishes.

Try them with fish or shellfish, especially lobster, or poultry dishes, vegetable dishes, cream sauces, in cheeses, or fruit. Try them with pork or beef steak, in a vinaigrette, on popcorn, and on ice cream.

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