Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt


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Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt is made by hand by one man from Hawaii with care and passion. It is fine and soft, like brown sugar, with a pure mellow smoke flavor. With a suggestion of sweetness, there is no bitterness or sulfurous aftertaste. Use Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt the next time you grill salmon. If you love burgers, this will enhance, especially turkey burgers. Rub this smoked salt on chicken and roast. Sprinkle on eggs cooked over light with home fries. Finish creamy risotto. Mix with ginger, toasted sesame oil, a touch of soy and use for dipping. However you enjoy Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt, relax and chill out. On the beach if you are able! Available in 3.5 oz. only


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