Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt


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Our local salt farmer has done it again with this smoked salt. We asked Clayton for a smoked salt that was fine-textured with a mild crunch and deeply flavored. Our standards for this sea salt were rigorous, our palates particular. With great skill and patience (and many conversations, tastings, and fine-tuning with us), Clayton created a beautiful new product – our very own Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt. Spend some time in the kitchen with this smoked salt and experiment with it as a finishing salt on meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, rice, potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. Try Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt as well on ice cream and chocolate or caramel sauces. And don’t forget to rim you next glass of ale or dark rum cocktail. We think you will be pleased with your results.  3oz.


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