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Can’t decide which salt blend flavor to try? No worries. Our  allows you to experiment with and enjoy each flavor before committing to larger quantities. Additionally, the set is a perfect gift for any occasion! Each set contains 12 g each of the following artisanal salt blends: Fennel Thyme Salt, Porcini Salt, Sagemary Salt, Caraway Salt, Sumac Pepper Salt, Aleppo Chile Salt, and Smoked Paprika Salt. Each blend is crafted by hand and made with a moist, crunchy sea salt. Use as a finishing salt. Our  adds flare and crunch to fresh and cooked dishes. Use also mixed with oil as a rub, or sprinkle into soups, stews, and braises while cooking. A convenient, sophisticated way to enhance any dish. Simply cook, sprinkle, enjoy!


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