Fajita Seasoning


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Reach for our Fajita Seasoning when grilling skirt steak and chicken to achieve a mouthwatering, Tex-Mex taste on your next Mexican food night. With pure ingredients and no added fillers, it’s the perfect seasoning to blend with any meat and to spice up a lime marinade. This cumin-forward, garlicky blend with a mild heat is perfect for skirt steak, carne asada, burritos, burgers, vegetables and nachos. Fragrant and delicious, it also works well with chicken, pork and tofu. A few sprinkles of this blend can take any cut of meat to next-level flavor.
INGREDIENTS: Hudson Valley Salt, Demerara Sugar, Dried Garlic & Onion, Paprika, Black Pepper, Cumin and Chili Flakes.
Packed in the USA.
All-Natural, Kosher, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.
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