Minus 8 Vinegar (Top Chefs Favorite)


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Minus 8 is vinegar named for the temperature at which our premium grapes are harvested and pressed to make icewine.  The delicious, sweet wine is transformed into vinegar. Small batch agricultural products like Minus 8 are subject to slight variations due to the changing character of the vintage each year. Minus 8 is barrel aged for years in a French oak Solera system (started in 1997). According to his taste, the vinegar master blends vinegars from many oak barrels – selecting by vintage as well as by variety of grape – to make the bottled elixir “Minus 8.”
More complex and intense than ice wine in part from years of aging in French oak and bottles. Minus 8 is loaded with fruit, mild spice, toasted nuts and caramel tastes, with aromas of pineapple, candy apple and ripe berries. Chefs choose Minus 8 most often to finish meats, seafood, vegetables, cheese, desserts, sauces, and fruits, make marinades, aspics and vinaigrettes. Made from premium Vinifera grapes harvested and pressed in the winter, colder than -8ºC (17ºF). Each bottle of Minus 8 is cork sealed. These bottles can be cellared and aged for years.


Size: 6.75 oz. (200 ml)


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