Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse)


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Himalayan Pink Salt is a pure, strikingly beautiful dark pink salt. The dark pink salt, unlike the ubiquitous lighter Himalayan Pink Salt varieties, can only be found in a few mines in Pakistan. This natural salt looks as beautiful on food as it does on your table in a bowl, a salt shaker, or salt mill. Himalayan Pink Salt has a nice firm crunch. It is not soft like a sea salt. It is an ideal salt for everyday use. The fine grain salt is perfect in a shaker, a bowl, or for use in cooking by the stove. The coarse grain salt is wonderful in a salt mill for use at the table. The flavor of Himalayan Pink Salt is soft and gentle, with a touch of sweetness. There is no harshness or bitterness in this salt. Enjoy on all food. 4 oz.


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