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Timilia wheat (a.k.a. tumminia, timminia, trimminia in Sicilian dialects) has its origins in Sicily, where it was widely cultivated during ancient Greek times, and called trimenaios, meaning wheat with a three-month growing cycle. This ancient variety of durum wheat grows very tall, sometimes reaching close to 5 feet tall (1.80 m), making it quite resistant to drought and pests.

Like many ancient grains, Timilia is very nutritious and easier to digest than classic durum wheat. To make their pasta, Rustichella stone-grinds Timilia wheat’s dark, glassy grains into semolato (semi-whole wheat flour) and mixes the flour with pure spring water. Rustichella d’Abruzzo Timilia pasta has a rustic, nutty flavor reminiscent of Sicilian bread.

Busiate is a classic twisted shape from Sicily. It takes its name from “buso,” a particular knitting needle usually used to work fabrics such as wool and cotton. Busiate is typically paired with pesto trapanese (pesto with tomatoes, almonds, and basil) as well as with seafood.

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